Kate Spade Great Success Store From Pink Vitamin

Very sad day and we at Pink Vitamin would like to send our condolences to Kate Spade Family. Building a brand we can tell you first hand the struggles and constant drive needed to stay on top. To think that Kate Spade built such a successful brand out of a bedroom is amazing. It’s very sad to see people suffer from depression and bipolar disease especially when then need help. Unfortunately people look and judge people differently. Build a brand like Pink Vitamin and trying to grow our organic lip balm line takes energy, time, stress which can lead to people getting burned out. We want people to realize when you need a break take it. Take the rest and recoupe to protect yourself first. Unfortunately she is a clear example of giving everything to grow your company and brand. Great success is not always about the money but more about the quality of life. Below is a link to Kate Spade success story. God Speed and thanks for everything and being an ICON to  Pink Vitamin 

Read Her Full Store Click Below


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