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Kate Spade Great Success Store From Pink Vitamin

Very sad day and we at Pink Vitamin would like to send our condolences to Kate Spade Family. Building a brand we can tell you first hand the struggles and constant drive needed to stay on top. To think that Kate Spade built such a successful brand out of a bedroom is amazing. It’s very sad to see people suffer from depression and bipolar disease especially when then need help. Unfortunately people look and judge people differently. Build a brand like Pink Vitamin and trying to grow our organic lip balm line takes energy, time, stress which can lead to people getting burned out. We want people to realize when you need a break take it. Take the rest and...

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Jen Selter Workout

So this may or may not be a surprise but we are big fans of Jen and why should that be a surprise. Because she is a down to earth person first off as we had communicated with her over Twitter. She was nice enough to allow Pink Vitamin to send her free samples to try and answer us back with the overwhelming amount of messages she gets. Now with all the lovey lovey stuff behind us you need to give credit when credit is due. Jen Selter has the backside everyone dreams about and her exercise info works. Pink Vitamin has been following her for sometime now and really think more should be aware of the #jenselterchallenge. We think...

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It’s never to late to change!!!

Did you know that woman have a ever changing body? So this is a mix of great news and bad news. Which is very simple to understand and make the proper changes now. Plan and simple as normal older age progresses the female body starts to slow down. This will cause your body to slow and cause natural weight gain and normal slowdowns of things such as sex drive and energy. Pink Vitamin will be launching a full line of products to help fight back but don’t think for a second that some magic pill will change your life. We like to inform our customers and non customers with real information. Life change is an overall process not just a...

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